Imagine Zayn singing while you cook and telling you to sing along with him the next part but you freeze because you’re too shy and Zayn laughes against the skin of your neck and hugs you from behind as he sings a bit more.

He is jealous

Imagine Harry always runs away to his home gym everytime you guys have a fight. This time you ran after him, ”Come on, Harry dont be like that…”

”I-I don-t wan-wanna talk about-t your new ”friend”!” he exhales, while doing another pushup, his neck veins becoming more and more prominent with each push.

You couldn’t ignore the view; whenever Harry got mad he would pull on the most sexy face ever. And the fact that he was sweating and therefore slippery was the best combination.

”Meet me upstairs for a bath…” you winked before turning your back and you could see Harry trying so hard not to smirk and drop the dumbbell right there.


@5sosusername answered: sure haha hiiii

Hiii, how are you? haha

@5sosusername said: im great, how are youu?

a bit bored, but im fine :) so, tell me a bit about yourself haha

@5sosusername said: um im from england and im really random (so’s my music taste-it goes from 1d to punk rock lol) i like pizza and ashton irwin a lot, wbu?

im from Portugal and i’d loooove to visit london someday. im really random as well and so awkward haha my music taste goes from cute boybands to nirvana lol i kinda have a crush on ashton too haha Zarry is my fave otp ^.^ what’s yours?

@5sosusername said: I’m probably narry bc Harry girl and Niall’s just so frickin’ cute

we’re well set either way haha do you have IG?

@5sosusername said: My personal is itskirstenxxx and my 1d one is stylesedits :)

i will check both your accounts next time i log in. my IG is @anaritaa22 btw :)

@5sosusername said: Omg your dp is really pretty:O I’m jealous of your face:3

haha thank you! don’t say that I bet you are really pretty as well :)

@5sosusername said: Aha not really but thanks haha:)

actually you are! you’ve got a baby cutie face haha

@5sosusername said: Awhh thank you haha

You are very much welcome dear :)

@5sosusername said: So apart from boy bands what stuff are you into?

I love to write, web design and to practice sports, wbu?

@5sosusername said: Um drawing, photography and music:3

Do you play anything? :)

@5sosusername said: A little bit of piano and I sing lol I wanna learn guitar

Awhh I wish I could play the piano and sing haha i play a bit of guitar though you should learn how to play it’s so much fun :)

I’m going to bed now as it’s getting late, just send me an ask whenever you want to chat alright? byee it was nice to meet you :)


How’s everyone? :D

Does anyone want to chat?

Imagine you’re engaged and it’s the day of your wedding dress fitting. You bring along 5 of your guy best friends because you knew they’d be as honest as it gets. You try on a beautiful princess-alike type of dress and step inside the waiting room where they were sitting, causing them a chain reaction of amusement. They all look pretty astonished at how beautiful and perfect you look. They soon convince you that’s the perfect fit and you decide to buy it immediately.

Imagine standing on Harry’s feet while slow dancing with him because of your height difference.


momma told me not to waste my life she said spread your legs for financially stable guys

AU: You are best friends with Harry and he always gets asked if you guys are something more. Though he always says no, his smile says yes.

Imagine the boys living in the same building like in Friends so they can walk in uninvited and make dumb jokes and have crazy stories.


i lowered the pitch of “don’t let me go” i think i’ve done a bad thing 

low deep husky morning voice ugh…