Imagine you’re engaged and it’s the day of your wedding dress fitting. You bring along 5 of your guy best friends because you knew they’d be as honest as it gets. You try on a beautiful princess-alike type of dress and step inside the waiting room where they were sitting, causing them a chain reaction of amusement. They all look pretty astonished at how beautiful and perfect you look. They soon convince you that’s the perfect fit and you decide to buy it immediately.

Imagine standing on Harry’s feet while slow dancing with him because of your height difference.


momma told me not to waste my life she said spread your legs for financially stable guys

AU: You are best friends with Harry and he always gets asked if you guys are something more. Though he always says no, his smile says yes.

Imagine the boys living in the same building like in Friends so they can walk in uninvited and make dumb jokes and have crazy stories.


i lowered the pitch of “don’t let me go” i think i’ve done a bad thing 

low deep husky morning voice ugh…

Imagine the boys on Wipeout UK

Would you rather have dance classes with Danielle, singing lessons with Perrie or a styling class with Eleanor?

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Imagine you’re working behind the scenes as a part of One Direction’s staff and the venue’s organization. Your boss walks by you on the corridors and tells you you should go find the band who’s performing because it’s almost time and they should be already all dressed up and ready to go.

You nod and walk away, knocking on every door and stepping a foot inside, trying to find the boys. As you walk inside Restroom 3 you find them but they weren’t nothing close to ready to step on stage.

”Come on, you’re next in 10! Hurry!” you yell-whispered as you walked inside the bathroom and found the boys dancing and messing around still half naked. You tried not to laugh and keep it professional but you eventually let out a cute giggle as they abruptly froze and stood there looking at you quite embarassed.

Imagine being in an orgy with ALL of the boys.